ioGee F.A.Q.'s

How do I order?

You can come into our shop at 619 E Capitol Ave, Jefferson City, MO or call us at 573-635-9199.

What kind of files do you need and how do I get them to you?

We can take almost any electronic file. Please bring in the original file, we can edit anything you want to remove. We can also scan images is we need to, but prefer them in electronic format. Files can be brought in on an USB drive, CD or DVD, or they can be emailed to us.

How long before I get my things?

Since all items are customized and done on order they are not necessarily available right away. We try to get items done within a reasonable timeframe and will give you that time frame at the time you place your order. Based on work load we can usually single order items out within 24-48 hours, larger orders may take longer. During high volume times like the holiday seasons it may take longer.

What if the item I want to customize is not in stock?

We strive to have all of the items we sell in stock and ready to customize. However, sometimes things happen that are beyond our control and we may not have the item you want. If the item is not in stock, we will let you know and the estimated time of delivery. If by chance we can not get that item in a short time frame we will call you and at that time can decide how to proceed with your order.

What if I don’t like it and want to return it?

Customized orders cannot be returned unless there is a manufacture defect in the product. Since items are customized you have a chance to view the item at the time of pickup and if you are not satisfied with the results at that time you can refuse delivery. We strive to test all items for quality and durability. If for some reason your product is not holding up please let us know and we will do our best to resolve the problem to your satisfaction.

When do I pay?

We take payment when your order is delivered. We only charge for items that is delivered. If for some reason a product you ordered cannot be delivered at the same time as the rest, there may be two charges. However, that is very rare.

Did we answer all of your questions?

If not,please give us a call at 573-635-9199 and we will be happy to answer any of your questions!